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Research: Consumers welcome FAST services

March 23, 2023

Colin Mann @ Connected TV World Summit

Christian Kurz, SVP, Global Streaming Research and Insights at Paramount, has revealed findings from a new research study on free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) that uncovers what is behind the rapid growth of the category, with audiences emphasising simplicity, ease of use and good content.

Speaking at the Connected TV World Summit in London, Kurz shared details from Free, Easy, FAST, aimed at unpacking the reasons viewers embrace FAST platforms, what makes FAST so unique, and the users’ sentiments towards advertising on FAST services.

Spanning both quantitative and qualitative research, more than 5,000 consumers ages 18-64 were surveyed and interviewed across eight markets including Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

According to Kurz, the study demonstrates that the rapid growth of FAST services is fueled by different elements: FAST is perceived by users as easy to use, giving them a sense of uplift throughout the day and addressing viewers’ needs in a unique way that complements other streaming services. The findings of the study also prove the potential power of  FAST services for advertisers, for whom free ad-supported streaming television presents an exciting and new opportunity to uncover.

Key findings:

 FAST services are easy to use, and take the stress out of deciding what to watch.

  • Discovering content on FAST services is simple for over 80 per cent of the users interviewed.
  • 71 per cent of them like the fact they don’t need to think about what to watch, it’s just on

FAST services give users a break, a reward, and a chance to reset and recharge

  • Not only do 78 per cent of FAST users agree that “it gives me a break or a reward during my day,” they are 1.5 times more likely than users of other services to agree that “it gives me a boost, re-energizes me.”

FAST services act as a companion no matter their mood in the moment

For almost 70 per cent of the people interviewed, the service acts as a companion throughout the day

Nearly 80 per cent of consumers agree that, whatever their mood, there’s always something to watch

Most users are amazed by the quality and quantity of content

  • 85 per cent of users agree that good quality content can be accessed for free.
  • Over 80 per cent of people interviewed are surprised by the amount of content you can watch for free

The combination of on demand and live TV on FAST is very popular with users

  • Roughly eight in 10 FAST users across these markets say they ‘love’ having live TV and on-demand on one service

FAST services present an exciting and new opportunity for advertisers

  • Nearly 70 per cent of FAST users agree that the ads on FAST are part of the overall viewing experience

Pluto TV proves to be a key player in the category, demonstrating the potential power of FAST services

  • Pluto TV users are far more likely to have enjoyed their most recent ad experience on Pluto TV than on non-FAST services.
  • Ads on Pluto TV are seen as better quality, more relevant, and interesting

Quality, relevance and interest are nearly twice as high as non-FAST services

  • Ads on Pluto TV are also more likely to inspire consumer trust, generating twice as much trust as ads on social media
  • Pluto TV users are attractive consumers; they are big spenders and will pay premium for products

Advertising on Pluto TV impacts all stages of the decision journey

  • From sparking interest to ‘sealing the deal’: ads on Pluto TV helped more than 30 per cent of users discover a new product
  • Nearly 20 per cent said ads on Pluto TV helped them narrow down and make the final purchase decision
  • More than 75 per cent of users are open to hearing about new brands when using FAST services.


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