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Survey: Targeting main integrated campaign benefit

May 2, 2023

Yahoo Advertising, the advertising division of Yahoo, has unveiled new research on Advanced TV (ATV) advertising, exploring the advantages and obstacles of combining addressable linear campaigns with digital campaigns. The study involved polling over 300 TV marketers, including agency and brand advertisers.

As viewers transition from traditional TV to streaming and digital, advanced TV enables advertisers to connect with audiences across multiple channels. It offers data-driven targeting for personalised ad experiences, advanced frequency controls to reduce waste, unified measurement capabilities, and the ability to adapt to a changing media landscape. However, to leverage advanced TV fully, marketers need to better integrate addressable linear and digital campaign data for more cohesive strategies, suggests Yahoo Advertising.

Yahoo Advertising’s study revealed that audience targeting was the primary benefit of merging linear and digital data, with 70 per cent of respondents stressing its importance. Measurement was also considered crucial, with 58 per cent of respondents recognising it as a key advantage. Additional benefits included extended reach (55 per cent), frequency control (55 per cent), planning/forecasting (50 per cent), and contextual/content (39 per cent).

Nevertheless, integrating linear and digital data presents challenges for many advertisers, such as the lack of common metrics across channels (53 per cent), creating a holistic framework for planning and measurement (41 per cent), data-sharing restrictions by walled gardens (40 per cent), choosing the right partner (34 per cent), limited internal resources (27 per cent), and organizational silos (26 per cent).

“Connecting linear and digital data opens up exciting opportunities in audience targeting and measurement,” suggests Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo. “Marketers often face interoperability challenges and need partners and technology platforms to help them harmonise metrics, data, and audiences.”

Yahoo Advertising’s research discovered that nine out of 10 advertisers deem it essential to manage linear and digital campaigns using a single omnichannel solution. While advertisers know the importance of campaign consolidation, they feel there are still barriers to entry. Respondents primarily cited the lack of transparency on impression delivery (34 per cent) and high costs (34 per cent) as reasons for slower adoption of advanced linear advertising.

“The benefits of integrating linear TV and digital campaigns are clear, but advertisers must overcome significant challenges to fully harness advanced TV,” adds Herbst-Brady. “Advertisers need an omnichannel solution that manages both linear and digital campaigns while addressing the complexities of unifying data across channels.”

Advanced TV is a cornerstone of the Yahoo DSP, which provides advertisers with a comprehensive programmatic buying platform spanning digital, addressable linear and streaming TV, enabling them to reach more addressable households more efficiently.

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