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Survey: 60% advertisers say CTV ad optimisation falls short

September 28, 2023

Although the majority of marketers (56 per cent) spend more than half of their time optimising converged TV ad performance, only 40 per cent believe their ad optimisation practices are ‘very good’. This means, despite the time investment, the majority (60 per cent) believe their optimisation efforts fall short.

This is according to the findings of a study released by Innovid, the independent advertising platform for the delivery, personalisation, and measurement of converged TV across linear, connected TV (CTV), and digital, to spotlight how advertisers are investing significant time and money into converged TV.

The study, The Converged TV Disconnect: Advertisers on Bridging the Gap Between TV Measurement Insights & Results, surveyed more than 250 brand and agency professionals, also found that when it comes to measurement, nearly 90 per cent of respondents say that a unified view of converged TV across linear, CTV, and digital is important, with 91 per cent saying that standard KPIs across converged TV advertising are important at some level. However, almost two-thirds (62 per cent) use separate measurement partners and advertising management and delivery platforms, incurring data loss and increased integration needs.

“According to eMarketer, spending on CTV ads has skyrocketed by about 400 per cent since 2019 – and with more ad dollars spent on converged TV as a whole, brands and agencies feel increased pressure to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of their investments,” said Dave Helmreich, Chief Commercial Officer at Innovid. “A unified view of performance across the converged TV landscape is critical but with measurement done separately from campaign management and optimisation, there is a disconnect for advertisers to be able to effectively drive ROI. Converged TV optimisation needs to be made seamless for advertisers through real-time measurement that is immediately actionable and can deliver results. InnovidXP provides marketers with a unified view, actionable insights, and the ability to automatically optimise campaigns to drive business results – bridging the gap with a single, fully integrated platform.”

Innovid’s study also revealed that:

Optimisation Frequency Isn’t Keeping Pace with Measurement: More than two-thirds (68 per cent) of respondents stated they are measuring campaigns on, at least, a weekly basis, with almost four in 10 (39 per cent) measuring ad performance either daily or in real time. But advertisers aren’t optimising ad campaigns as often as they measure campaign performance: Just 57 per cent say they’re implementing media optimisation for converged TV campaigns on a weekly or more frequent basis. That’s more than 10 percentage points below how often they measure.

● Engagement, Outcome, Reach: When respondents were asked to rank which metrics they were most interested in optimising by, Engagement by Platform/Publisher ranked highest, followed by Engagement by Creative, Outcome by Creative, Reach by Platform/Publisher, and Outcomes by Platform/Publisher.

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