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Research: Streaming viewers more open to ads

October 5, 2023

Research by advertising technology provider The Trade Desk reveals that 63 per cent of British adults are open to ads in exchange for free streaming content with 60 per cent subscribing to up to three streaming services. As more viewers continue to shift their viewing habits to content on connected TV (CTV), the research results highlight significant consumer trends as brands look for ways to reach viewers at the right place and the right time.

The research also finds that 83 per cent of respondents dedicate up to two hours a day to streaming content. This represents an increase from 72 per cent the previous year. This suggests that the rise of streaming platforms and the availability of diverse content have led to a significant shift in the way UK households watch TV.

Flexibility and content availability are key factors driving the popularity of streaming services, with 74 per cent of respondents valuing the ability to watch on-demand content on CTV and 61 per cent appreciating the variety of available content. However, amid current cost-of-living challenges, 48 per cent of respondents cite cost as a primary reason for unsubscribing from streaming channels. Additionally, rising costs are also compelling viewers to seek ad-supported alternatives. This presents a significant opportunity for advertisers to leverage ad-supported streaming services to reach engaged and receptive audiences.

While more than half of respondents are open to ads in exchange for free streaming services, 41 per cent of Brits say they’re open to ads if they can access a cheaper platform, highlighting the growing acceptance of ad-supported content as a means to access free and affordable streaming services. However, consumers are selective about the type of ads they are open to, with 68 per cent wanting fewer ads overall and 56 per cent wanting shorter ad breaks.

“Content and choice are driving the demand for streaming services, but the cost associated with these is making people rethink how many platforms they subscribe to. The appetite for advertising shows that consumers are happy to view ads in order to continue having access to high quality TV content. Advertisers now find themselves presented with an opportunity to engage new audiences on connected TV and across devices,” said Patrick Morrell, Senior Director, Inventory and Partnerships EMEA, The Trade Desk. “To ensure a positive ad experience, brands have to leverage data-driven media buying, which offers more relevant ads for viewers. Only then can brands create meaningful connections with their audiences and ensure they are reaching the hearts and minds of consumers.”

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