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Research: Samsung’s Tizen most popular US smart TV OS in 2023

January 9, 2024

Parks Associates has released its latest Consumer Electronics Dashboard research, which shows 66 per cent of US internet households now own a smart TV. The survey from Q3 2023 shows the most popular smart TV operating system is Samsung’s Tizen at 35 per cent, a slight drop compared to Q1, but the decline was not enough to take away Samsung’s lead in the smart-TV category. Among other competitors, both LG and Vizio held steady.

“Leaders in the smart-TV category are those who are hardware manufacturers, smart TV platform owner/developers, and owners of viewership data — this allows complete control over the user experience. It is no coincidence that Samsung is the most popular smart-TV brand, given their wide range of products, large app library, and emphasis on ease of use,” said Sarah Lee, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “Together, LG (Web OS), SmartCast (Vizio), and Roku TV OS account for about the same share as Samsung, but these and other options are likely to become more competitive in the coming years.”

“Smart TVs are the primary device that households choose to consume video, so they are in a prime position to function as a key interface for all systems in the home, from entertainment to security to energy management,” added Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates. “Samsung’s emphasis on services and its ability to diversify its products put the company in a good position to be a leader in multiple connected home categories.”

Fifty-five percent of households use their smart TV as the primary device for streaming video. Streaming media players remain strong as the second go-to device for around a third of households. Together, these two account for almost 90 per cent of households, squeezing out other devices as preferred devices to consumer video.

“This trend is expected to continue as smart TVs become more commonplace and as streaming media players continue to be cost-effective solutions for a consistent experience regardless of hardware,” Lee concluded.

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