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Research: TV delivers high active engagement

April 9, 2024

Amplified Intelligence, a source for accurate attention measurement, has released an in-depth evaluation of attention paid to ads on linear TV and BVoD (broadcast video on demand). Conducted in partnership with Irish research consultancy provider, RED C Research, and TAM Ireland — the Irish TV measurement organisation — key results include the finding that 62 per cent of Irish viewers consistently engage with TV ads.

The partnership brings together Amplified Intelligence’s AI-powered technology and RED C Research’s  panel to accurately measure the power of traditional media channels. Quantifying the persistent value of TV advertising, this research provides a vital insight base for brands and agencies aiming to craft high-impact cross-channel campaigns.

Encompassing a 200-strong panel of Irish viewers and 13,000 ad views, the study measured live engagement with creative from three major brands – including AIB and Irish Life — over linear TV, as well BVoD ads served to TV and mobile screens. Using Amplified Intelligence’s smart eye-tracking and gaze detection technology, in-the-moment viewing was meticulously measured to achieve a refined understanding of active, passive, and non-attention.

 Key takeaways include: 

  • Six in ten viewers are engaged: 

A sizeable 62 per cent of viewers consistently engage with ads at some level; paying either active or passive attention, which is directly related to the quality of content across the TV network.

  • Advertising on TV increases likelihood to buy by 30 per cent: When advertising on linear TV and BVoD, brands are 30 per cent more likely to be chosen in a purchasing situation. Purchase probability is particularly high in key categories such as finance and healthcare, with each seeing increases of 68 per cent and 21 per cent respectively.

  • Ads captivate attention for longer: Attention duration among viewers exceeds other markets; ranking at 300 per cent higher than global Amplified Intelligence benchmarks for linear TV and BVoD, suggesting a reduced level of attention decay.

“An accurate understanding of attention is critical to fortifying media and advertising for the future. Our human-centric approach has always been at the forefront of all our research and this partnership with RED C Research and TAM Ireland proves that human behaviour is ever-changing and the only true indicator of the effectiveness of media platforms. We hope that this data will encourage advertisers and agencies to reevaluate their campaign strategies, and also serve as proof of concept that TV is still a valuable sector for ad dollars,” said Dr Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence.

Jill McGrath, CEO at TAM Ireland, commented: “We wanted to better understand what drives the effectiveness of TV advertising and gain a comprehensive insight that underpins more impactful and cost-efficient campaigns. The results exceeded our expectations and reinforced our belief that Linear TV and BVoD are holding their own in the face of stiff competition from new media.”

Richard Colwell, CEO, RED C Research added: “Our long-standing relationship with Amplified Intelligence already demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of measuring true audience behaviour in live environments, with collaborative efforts exploring the impact of social media ads. This research cements the precision and quality of its robust measurement approach, as well as expanding on our previous knowledge base. Looking at TV through a comparable lens, we can now provide insights that allow us to give clients an even better understanding of how their ads perform, at a brand level and across varying platforms.”

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