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RTL AdAlliance adds Wurl FAST channels

April 10, 2024

RTL AdAlliance, the international media sales house of RTL, and Wurl, a provider of data-driven solutions for CTV, have partnered to accelerate advertising sales on the European CTV inventory of Wurl. RTL AdAlliance enables advertisers to gain simple access to the over 1,300 FAST channels, delivered to audiences in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

Wurl connects content publishers to over 170 million connected TVs monthly across more than 45 streaming services worldwide, including Roku, Samsung TV Plus, and more. This allows publishers to maximise their revenues, grow their CTV viewership, and strengthen their brand value. By tapping into the international sales teams and localised services of RTL AdAlliance, channels within Wurl’s AdPool network become easily accessible for national and international advertisers looking to connect with European audiences. CTV is poised to play a significant role in reaching new audiences and driving revenue, as it continues to be the key growth sector for TV and digital ad spend in the next years.

RTL AdAlliance packages the comprehensive CTV inventory, that reaches over 3 billion ad impressions globally every month, within a diverse portfolio of trusted media brands – ranging from linear TV to online video. The pan-European sales approach, combining the inventory of local media champions and international content highlights, is especially suited for advertisers, looking to target specific audience segments in multiple European markets.

“By enabling established content and media brands to create and operate carefully curated FAST channels and distribute them across all major FAST offerings, Wurl has significant reach in the CTV world,” commented Stephen Byrne, VP Partnership Development, RTL AdAlliance. “The diverse themes, genres, and moods these channels cater to are predestinated for highly effective contextual targeting. This gives us at RTL AdAlliance the ability to connect an exceptionally attentive audience with advertisers, looking to engage with consumers in highly brand-safe and measurable TV-like environments. We are excited to support Wurl with our sales expertise and deep market knowledge.”

“At Wurl, we pride ourselves in connecting FAST channels with audiences worldwide and empowering advertisers to engage with these attentive audiences on the world’s largest screen,” added Ben Mison, Director, Business Development, Wurl. “With AdPool, we offer premium CTV advertising inventory through many of the most well-known publishers. Partnering with RTL AdAlliance allows us to open this inventory to bespoke advertising experiences that cater to local viewing behaviours, ultimately enabling us to create more value for our content partners and a better ad experience for FAST enthusiasts in Europe.”

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