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Analysis: Streaming Gen Z’s go-to destination

May 9, 2023

Findings from television technology and omniscreen advertising and analytics provider Samba TV indicate that streaming platforms are the go-to destination for content consumption for the Gen Z demographic and that mobile devices play a crucial role in their television viewing behaviours.

The survey of more than 2,500 US adults conducted with global research firm HarrisX offers a window into how to reach the ‘streaming first’ generation of adults aged 18-26, or referred to as Gen Z. This diverse and multicultural generation has unique values and behaviours that differ from previous generations. As a result, traditional advertising methods may not resonate with these young audiences, and advertisers must adapt their strategies to effectively reach them.

The data also reveals that Gen Z frequently shops online while watching TV, creating an opportunity for advertisers to drive instant omniscreen outcomes. Additionally, the findings further highlight entertainment platforms and social media apps are the top sources for discovering new shows and movies, with TikTok being the most turned-to destination for this demographic.

“It’s always been important for advertisers to drive performance, but a necessity today is how well you can reach Gen Z — a highly elusive segment of the population,” said Samba TV co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “This generation is reshaping how content is consumed across every screen, highlighting a critical need for advertisers to embrace an omniscreen approach that connects all the dots of where these audiences watch TV today.”

Key Findings:

  • Gen Z engages with TV differently than any other generation, creating entirely new opportunities for advertisers. It comes as no surprise that the only demographic that exclusively grew up in a cord-cutting world are big consumers of streaming services today. Eight in 10 Gen Z-ers watch TV via streaming services. 65 per cent of Gen Z do not have access to a traditional cable TV subscription.
  • Gen Z leverages mobile devices more often than any other audience demographic while consuming television. 85 per cent of Gen Z look at a mobile device while watching TV. 47 per cent of Gen Z shop online when watching TV. Advertisers should optimise their ads for mobile devices and incorporate mobile-focused calls-to-action that leverage this behaviour, such as QR codes.
  • There are exciting new ways to drive measurable omniscreen outcomes instantly if advertisers are willing to think outside the box and embrace emerging technologies. 44 per cent of Gen Z have paused an ad on TV to look up a product or make a purchase. 34 per cent of Gen Z have purchased a product through a QR code shown on a TV ad.
  • Entertainment platforms and social media apps are the #1 way Gen Z-ers find what to watch next. Over three quarters of Gen Z visit entertainment platforms and social media apps to find relevant recommendations and ideas for what to watch. Gen Z viewers make TikTok their top entertainment platform (69 per cent) followed by social media app Instagram (64 per cent).


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