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November Europe launch for Disney+ ad tier

August 10, 2023

By Colin Mann

Following the successful ad-tier launch in the US, Disney+ in the UK will introduce its ad-supported subscription plan in November, giving consumers more ways to subscribe than ever before and the ultimate flexibility in selecting a subscription plan that suits their needs.

From November 1st, the new Standard with Ads, in addition to Standard and Premium subscription plans, will be available in the following countries: UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

“The introduction of the ad-supported plan marks the next evolution for Disney+ in the UK, as we provide greater choice for our customers and our world-class advertising partners alike,” stated Jan Koeppen, President of The Walt Disney Company EMEA. “Disney+ continues to set itself apart in today’s streaming landscape, offering unrivalled value, genre-defining TV series and blockbuster movies set within a simple and seamless experience.”

Existing customers will remain on their current subscription, which will be renamed Disney+ Premium and will have the option to switch to the Standard Plan or Standard with Ads Plan.

The news comes as Disney+ revealed it lost another 11.7 million subscribers in Q3.

Additionally, Disney+ has announced it will be cutting down on password sharing, much like rival Netflix. CEO Bob Iger said the company is “actively exploring ways to address account sharing”, adding that the issue is “a real priority” for Disney. Iger stated that these measures will likely include technical solutions alongside an update of the Disney+ service’s terms and conditions

In response to the news, Jeff Richey, TV analyst at, commented: “A seismic shift is rippling through the streaming landscape, with yet another major platform announcing plans to crack down on password sharing. For users sharing an account, this may feel like another kick in the teeth as they will be booted off yet another platform and forced to pay for their own subscription. On top of this, Disney+ is increasing the cost of its ad-free streaming service in the US this autumn. This, coupled with the November launch of Disney+’s new ad tier in the UK, means Brits should be primed for price rises later this year.

“This strategic manoeuvre by Disney+ is aimed at reclaiming revenue and increasing subscriber numbers. Its decision follows in the footsteps of its rival, Netflix, which was the first streamer to put an end to password sharing. But as early reports suggest that Netflix’s revenue is up and sign-ups have exceeded expectations, it’s no surprise that other services are now following suit as they hope to reap the same rewards. It comes at a busy time for Disney which also recently announced the end of DVDs and Blu-Rays in Australia – which could deliver another huge boost to its streaming platform’s bottom line. Assuming other territories follow suit, Brits who want to find classic movies like The Lion King or Frozen for their kids will increasingly need to subscribe to Disney+,” added Richey.

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