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Data: Super Bowl ads reached 106m viewers

February 16, 2022

According to results from’s second-by-second cross-platform measurement, Super Bowl LVI, which ran from 6:33-10:09 ET on February 13th, drew an average minute audience of 121 million viewers.

Americans tuned in to watch the LA Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals on NBC, Telemundo and Peacock, in homes and public venues across America.

Full Game Insights:

  • 56 per cent of US Households tuned into the telecast on NBC, Telemundo and Peacock, reaching a total audience of 149.9 million people who watched all or some of the broadcast.
  • The total linear average minute viewership was 98.1 million, including 2.9 million average minute viewers on Telemundo, which contributed to a total in-home reach of 134.5 million people on NBCU networks.
  • The average streaming minute audience was 10.5 million viewers and 15.5 million total viewers, which includes sensor-level streaming viewership data from CTV, mobile and tablet consumption provided in partnership with Conviva.
  • 70.1 per cent of those streaming the Super Bowl came from cord cutters or households without bundled pay-TV service.
  • The total Out-of-Home (OOH) average audience for the Super Bowl was 12.5 million, as measured via iSpot’s partnership with Tunity Analytics.
  • The Super Bowl’s 81 national ads accounted for more than 40 per cent of all TV ad impressions on linear TV for Feb13th
  • The average ad reached 106 million viewers, while the game generated 4.39 billion verified household ad impressions across all platforms in 216 minutes.
  • During the Super Bowl, the commercial attention rate was 36 per cent higher than the average across all networks and shows on the day, and the commercial completion rate was 98.6 per cent
  • iSpot’s Ace Metrix Creative assessment found ads increased purchase intent to 47 per cent, while 60 per cent of the ads were funny, 53 per cent sparked curiosity, and 47 per cent prompted nostalgia.

Half-time Time Results:

  • Viewership peaked during the half-time show — featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem, with an overall increase of 12 per cent or 10.5 million net new average minute viewers.
  • Ads that ran during the halftime show generated an average viewership of 116.8 million verified impressions for in-home viewing.
  • The animated 2 minute NFL ad at 8:08 pm during the halftime show had the highest in- home audience at 119 million viewers across NBC, Telemundo and Peacock.
  • The persistent attention to the telecast of the game afforded advertisers a completion rate peak of 99.5 per cent, just before the start of the third quarter.

Full Day:

  • NBCUniversal-owned networks accounted for 69 per cent of all household ad impressions for the day
  • The NBC network delivered 6.4 billion TV ad impressions across its full broadcast day including pre-game broadcasts and Olympic programming, marking the first time a Super Bowl and Winter Olympics took place at the same time
  • The largest average viewership at 10:50pm ET, Kaillie Humphries won gold for team USA in the women’s monobob when 27.5 million viewers tuned in, making it the peak moment across the entire Olympic Games.


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